Mt Semeru Eruption, Villagers Return for Belongings

5 December 2022 12:00

For the sake of rescuing their cattle and other valuables dozens of villagers from Sumber Wuluh in the slope of mount Semeru Indonesia's East Java decided to return home to gather their belongings despite warnings to stay away from the area due to potential further eruption of the volcano.

Mount semeru's eruption began sunday and continued Monday but residents of sumber wuluh village risked their safety to rescue their valuables at home. They returned home even when semeru continued spewing ashes from its crater on monday and authorities have warned to avoid any activities in the area.

In their village, volcanic ashes have covered dozen of houses, worship places and two bridges. This fact did not deter the villagers from rescuing their belongings No casualties have been reported so far from the mount Semeru eruption.